Syrian National Council Attends World Economic Forum Conference in Istanbul

A delegation from the Syrian National Council (SNC) attended the World Economic Forum conference entitled the "Platform for International Cooperation" in Istanbul, Turkey on November 23-25. The conference was attended by ministers, other government officials, and businesspersons from more than 40 nations. The SNC delegation included Samir Nashar (Executive Office member and the Economic Office chairperson), Wael Merza (the Secretary of the General Secretariat), and Mustapha al-Sabbagh and Adib Shishakli (members of the Economic Office). The delegation also met with a senior Turkish official, who reaffirmed Turkey's continued support for the Syrian Revolution and the SNC in all forums – political, economic, and diplomatic – regionally and internationally.

Dr. Merza, speaking before the forum on behalf of the SNC, reiterated the SNC's appreciation of the Turkish government for allowing the SNC the opportunity to represent the Syrian Revolution at this important economic forum, as well as to address the guests who had come from all over the world. Dr. Merza reasserted the confidence of the SNC that the Revolution continues to assert the Syrian people's right to self-determination and the support of their demands to establish a contemporary, pluralistic, democratic government in Syria, which will contribute to peace and stability in this strategic region of the world.

After speaking about Syria's history and the economic role it plays both regionally and internationally, and the future potential for major trade with Turkey and other counties in the region, Dr. Merza asserted, "the people of Syria are busy today, and sacrificing peacefully day and night for their right to a dignified life that can only be realized if a democratic state exists; a state that makes achieving this goal a priority and that remains on the path to a balanced free-market economy, away from corruption and glorifying leadership; for the people to restore their wealth, for Syria to resume the regional economic role it deserves, and to once again be a contributor to political, economic, and security stability in the region, and a natural partner in these distinct roles."

The conference was an important occasion to meet the many dignitaries and delegations in attendance and to explain to them the dimensions of the Syrian issue; the nature and objectives of the Syrian Revolution; and the need for their support for the Revolution, especially in the arenas of politics, media, and diplomacy. The delegation received from the above-referenced entities promises to respond to the SNC's requests and confirmation that they would stand beside the legitimate rights of the Syrian people in all areas.