Syrian Nation Council Objectives

The SNC seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1. To Secure Political Support for the Syrian Revolution

The SNC will mobilize support for the Syrian Revolution, first with Arab partners (individual Arab states and the Arab League); then with the European Union, the United States, the United Nations, and other countries around the world. The SNC seeks to build positive working relationships with the Arab League and the United Nations to secure strong political support for Syria during the Revolution, as well as during the transitional period. The SNC has a role of assuring the world that the new Syria will be stable and secure under a democratically elected civil state.

2. To Promote National Unity:

The SNC seeks to promote national solidarity with the Revolution to build a strong coalition for the transitional period. The SNC aims to build coalitions across sectarian, religious, ethnic, and racial lines to secure a new Syria that is united and that can progress into a bright future of national harmony among all Syrians. The SNC represents the aspirations of all Syrians in building a society that both tolerates and celebrates its diversity, as that has been the historical legacy of Syrian society. The SNC will continue to promote national unity and the sovereignty of Syrian territory.

3. To Ensure That There is no Political Vacuum

Through professional and technocratic experience accumulated by SNC members and supporters, the SNC has the capability to form an interim government, as outlined in its political program. The SNC's political program calls for a national convention to initiate election reforms, electing an interim Parliament that drafts a new constitution and later holds free general elections. The SNC's membership represents all walks of life in Syria and includes a diversity of professionals; these strengths will ensure a vibrant and smooth transition.

4. To Develop a Roadmap for Democratic Change in Syria

The SNC has a clear vision to create a civil, modern, and democratic Syria. The political program issued on November 20, 2011 expresses a clear vision for a roadmap that will put Syria on track for progress.

5. To Deliver the Voice of the Syrian Revolution and its Demands to the International Community

The Revolution was initiated and led by a younger apolitical generation that is cross-regional and diverse by nature. Key grassroots organizers and activists serve on the SNC membership, the General Secretariat, and the Executive Committee. The voice of the Revolution is represented in the decisions and outlooks of the SNC.